D150 Fueling is an on-site fleet fueling company. This means we come to your site and fuel all your vehicles' tanks directly via tank truck so that your employees don't have to.

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Services & Products

On-Site Fueling

On-site fueling reduces wasted time by removing the need for your employees to stop and fill up at fueling stations, saving thousands of dollars a year in wasted labor. We provide diesel delivery directly to your trucks’ fuel tanks, at your business when your fleet or equipment is not in use. Our service will cost you less than your local fueling station and your employees can start each day with a full tank of fuel. D150 Fueling works to optimize businesses by lowering the cost and headache of fleet fueling.

Fuel Cloud

FuelCloud is a user-friendly portal to manage all the fuel purchased through D150 fueling and is supplied at no cost to our customers.

Through fuel cloud users can:

    • Track and control every gallon dispensed into their trucks or on-site tanks
      Track fuel levels and send alerts to D150 when tank levels are low
      Automatically complete tax forms online, or create customized, comprehensive usage reports for your records to export
  • The FuelCloud app is also available for the smartphones and tablets you already use for your business, giving users instant access to control and authorize your fuel pumps.

    Additives and Lubricants

    We provide additives upon client request pre-mixed with the diesel fuel. This means your employees are no longer required to add the additives themselves to both your vehicles’ tanks or your on-site bulk tanks. Contact us to learn more about the additives we offer.

    Bulk Fuel Delivery

    D150 Fueling’s bulk fuel delivery is an efficient way to ensure you always have fuel on hand at an affordable price. Our customer service will work with you to set up a plan for scheduled deliveries or be on call if you would prefer fuel on an as needed basis.

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    Savings Calculator


    * Average number of trips to the fuel base for each truck per week.

    Our Assumptions:

    Average Price in Delaware: $3.212

    Round Trip Miles to Station: 5

    Average Salary: $30/hr

    Time Spent Fueling: 30 Minutes

    About Us

    Why would you pay your employees to fuel your vehicles at a fueling station when you can have the fuel delivered to you, into your fleet’s tanks, at a lesser price than your local fueling station. Here at D150 Fueling we believe that going to the fueling station will soon be a thing of the past.

    We create a fueling program tailored to your fleets’ needs and desires. The choice is yours, how do you wish to save time, money and emissions from fuel. You choose when, where and how often your vehicles are fueled. You choose the additives you wish to be premixed into your delivered fuel at the most competitive prices, reducing emissions and improving fuel economy. We also offer Ultra-Low-Sulfur Diesel, Biodiesel and Off-Road Diesel.

    Manage all your purchased diesel products through the user friendly portal by FuelCloud. For more information about what D150 Fueling has to offer, contact us now or read about our services and products. Learn how much you can save today through our On-Site Savings Calculator above!

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    Direct Email: obrienba@d150fueling.com